Monday, August 30, 2010

Body Rock.TV kicks my ass

So for the 1 person out there following this blog (Thanks Jess) Sorry i havent updated in awhile. I didnt think anybody cared and i have been to busy/lazy to worry about writing it. But im back! With a vengeance. haha. Its been awhile since my last post and not much has changed in the weight department. Im still feeling pretty gross although some people have said they can see that I am toning up. Thats good i guess. Lately I have been doing workouts form and i looooooooooooove them. Zuzana (the instructor) is a certified personal trainer and she makes the workouts easy to follow (with videos and picture/text tutorials) but they are super challenging. I am so into it, i even bought a Gymboss interval timer. (One of the only "pieces of equipment" that are essential to her workouts. I got it in the mail today and i LOVE it. Before i had the timer, i was just trying to do as many reps as her, no matter how long it took, which was basically just making me really tired. =( But now, with the time constraints, i can do as many as I can do in the allotted time. Its really great. I feel like I am getting a better work out and maximizing the use of my time. Having a 6 month old baby means finding the shortest, most effective work out routine you can. I have been working out for about 4 months now and I am really proud of myself for that. I have never kept up a "work out" for that long in my LIFE. So thanks Desmond for motivating me to get off my ass. haha.
I am doing a weekly workout/diet challenge with my fellow "bodyrockers" on BRTV. This week its no sugar. =( I have convinced my sisters to try it out with me for the rest of the week so that i have some real life accountabilibuddies. We'll see how I/they do. I'm going to take some measurements tonight and post them soon so I can sort of keep track of the progress (if any) i am making through out this September challenge. If anyone wants to do it too, just go to and jump on board.

See you next time.

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