Wednesday, June 23, 2010

weight loss?

Okay, so I am in the middle of my 8th consecutive week of working out 5 days a week. 3rd week of working out 5 days a week for an hour or more. I feel like my stomach is just getting bigger which is pretty depressing. I really need to get some firming lotion to get it to cinch up again. Not that that would take care of the fat that is hanging on for dear life there, but at least it would help pull it in. I've noticed a difference in the firmness of my thighs and legs in general. Not as much in my arms, but i am noticing that they are getting stronger, so i guess thats good. I've been being really good about my caloric intake on (been under my max calorie intake for losing 2lbs a week for 7 consecutive days) but i dont know that i've lost any weight. I put on a pair of work out pants i hadnt worn in over a year because they had gotten too tight and was able to fit in them well (and even be comfortable, which is hard for fattys like me because they're skin tight) haha. I'm kinda basing weight loss, or at least INCHES lost on clothing since i dont have a scale or a measuring tape. my pre-pregnancy pants are fitting a lot better, although my sagging baby belly is preventing me from wanting to wear them in public, but hey, at least i can zip them comfortably and walk around with out the fear of ripping. haha.

Anyways, just thought i'd update. Keeping my fingers crossed that when i go back down to Mom & Dads in a week and a half and weigh myself on their scale, that i've actually made some headway.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

epic fail

Okay, yesterday was a total failure as far as caloric intake and exercise were concerned. Boo. I didnt even eat that much, but i didnt get a full exercise in either. Only a 30 min walk around the neighborhood with Des. I had to take him to the doc so that kinda screwed up my afternoon (which is when i usually work out) Feeling a bit depressed about it. I've been over my daily calorie goal for the past 2 days. =( not by much, 100-125 calories over but still, im OVER it. which is lame. because if i stick to it, i can lose 2 lbs per week. which would be freaking awesome. Oh well. Heres to hoping it goes better today.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

let the M*ther F*cker burn

I've burned 316 more calories than i've consumed today. Which would be great except all i've had today is 2 cups of coffee. Oh, and btw, doesnt track calories burned while breastfeeding which is about 500 a day so even though i am breastfeeding, those calories arent being tracked. Man, based on my caloric intake and my 1hr+ work outs, i should be shedding the weight like crazy. Its totally lame that i've only lost 3lbs. I am REALLY hoping fat got turned into muscle or i'm gonna be pissed. My goal weight is 140 and i am 33lbs away from that. How am i going to do this!?
If anyone has any good ideas for targeting tummy fat or just a way to lose all over quickly, I am all ears. I've always had a bit of a gut, but ever since the baby, i have that "baby roll" thing going on. Its really gross and i hate it. Im hoping some of it goes away when i buy firming lotion (cause the skin is kinda lose) but a lot of that is flab. BOO.

Today i dont feel that great about myself, but heres to hoping that will change. Time to feed the baby. See ya.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So, as of today, i've been BELOW my caloric intake for losing 2lbs/wk (according to for the past 5 days. I weighed myself this weekend using my parents old school Dr scale and weighed in at 173. I've lost 3 lbs since i last weighed myself on that scale. Hoorah. Now, i know what you're thinking. 173. wow you're a fat ass, but considering i actually broke the 200lbs mark with the pregnancy, i'd say i'm doing alright. I dont work out on the weekends, although i probably should, but i do work at at least 1 hr a day 5 days a week. I'll probably start working out on the weekends because i feel bad, as in yucky, when i dont. If anyone has any suggestions to help me drop this weight, im all ears.
Did 1 hr 25 min of "Ab attack" and "Slim Yoga" (Crunch dvds) today even though i've been having body aches all weekend. High five to myself.

Just keeping a record....

I decided to start a blog for my work out. It wont be very exciting just me getting all giddy about low caloric intake and calories burned. hoorah. Also, i'll add weight loss and inches once i get a scale and measuring tape. Its kind of just to keep me motiviated. So, if you read, awesome. If not, awesome.