Monday, June 14, 2010


So, as of today, i've been BELOW my caloric intake for losing 2lbs/wk (according to for the past 5 days. I weighed myself this weekend using my parents old school Dr scale and weighed in at 173. I've lost 3 lbs since i last weighed myself on that scale. Hoorah. Now, i know what you're thinking. 173. wow you're a fat ass, but considering i actually broke the 200lbs mark with the pregnancy, i'd say i'm doing alright. I dont work out on the weekends, although i probably should, but i do work at at least 1 hr a day 5 days a week. I'll probably start working out on the weekends because i feel bad, as in yucky, when i dont. If anyone has any suggestions to help me drop this weight, im all ears.
Did 1 hr 25 min of "Ab attack" and "Slim Yoga" (Crunch dvds) today even though i've been having body aches all weekend. High five to myself.

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