Tuesday, June 15, 2010

let the M*ther F*cker burn

I've burned 316 more calories than i've consumed today. Which would be great except all i've had today is 2 cups of coffee. Oh, and btw, thedailyplate.com doesnt track calories burned while breastfeeding which is about 500 a day so even though i am breastfeeding, those calories arent being tracked. Man, based on my caloric intake and my 1hr+ work outs, i should be shedding the weight like crazy. Its totally lame that i've only lost 3lbs. I am REALLY hoping fat got turned into muscle or i'm gonna be pissed. My goal weight is 140 and i am 33lbs away from that. How am i going to do this!?
If anyone has any good ideas for targeting tummy fat or just a way to lose all over quickly, I am all ears. I've always had a bit of a gut, but ever since the baby, i have that "baby roll" thing going on. Its really gross and i hate it. Im hoping some of it goes away when i buy firming lotion (cause the skin is kinda lose) but a lot of that is flab. BOO.

Today i dont feel that great about myself, but heres to hoping that will change. Time to feed the baby. See ya.

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