Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye Fat Pants

So.....i took my measurements last night (myself) and i am pretty proud of the results. Here are the differences from my previous measurments 8/4/10

right bicep - up .5 inch
left bicep - same
bust - down .5 inch
waist - down 2.5 inches!!!!
hips - down 1.25 inches!!!
right thigh - up 2 inch
left thigh - up 1.5 inch
right calf - same
left calf - down .5 inch

I may be being a bit hard on myself since i was dong my own measurements but i am pretty darn excited about the loss of a little over 4 inches (all together) in my torso area. woot! So that is pretty nice. Its always good when you feel good about yourself and actually see tangible results from your hard work. I got some legging type pants for working out in mainly as a visual motivator to work my ass off and lose more weight and surprisingly, i actually dont look that horrible in them! I put them on and looked in the mirror and actually said "wow" aloud. Not saying that i dont have the poochy guy and tummy still, unfortunately, those are still there, but they are smaller, and my ass actually looks kind of toned instead of gigantic and flabby. Granted, i dont want to lose my ass, i just want it to look nice, and i think im getting there which is very reassuring.
On BRTV yesterday Zuzana did a "coffee talk" (a little portion of her videos where she has a little talk to the views while drinking her "pre work out coffee" oddly enough. hahCheck Spellinga) about breast augmentation and how she feels about it (she has had her boobs done) and being as i really like my boobs i was not very interested in the chat. She did say one thing though at the end that i listened to. She said if you are going to get a breast augmentation done to boost your self confidence, dont do it. "you cant look for a confidence boost in the mirror" or something to that effect. And i know what you're thinking, im about to say "oh that really struck me and made me feel good and not to worry about my self image, blah blah blah" you'd be wrong. No offense to Zuzana, but my self confidence boost today actually came from looking in the mirror. Seeing myself in the leggings and not wanting to throw up really did a lot for my confidence and self image. I know its a bit of self loathing, but whatever works right? I have the hardest, most pessimistic view on myself and i know it drives my husband crazy, but when i start feeling good about what i see in the mirror, i know i am making real progress. So anyways, just thought i'd share that.

See you later

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